The Adaptation Program of the NightBalance Lunoa is designed to gradually train your body to respond to the Sensor Device’s vibrations during sleep. The Adaption Program is 9 nights in total. You need to use the NightBalance Lunoa for 9 nights before the device provides full positional therapy.n


  1. Analysis phase – No vibrations are given during the first two nights of the therapy. The NightBalance Lunoa gathers baseline data on your sleep patterns during night 1 and 2. This data is used to tailor the therapy to your individual sleeping behavior later on.
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  3. Build-up phase – the NightBalance Lunoa starts to deliver vibrations. During night 3 to 9 of the therapy, the amount of the vibrations when laying on your back build up gradually. This way, you can get used to the therapy.
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nIt is recommended to use the NightBalance Lunoa every night, or as agreed with your medical specialist for best therapy results.nnnn