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What can Lunoa SPT
do for your patients?

Lunoa SPT offers effective and clinically proven treatment for positional obstructive sleep apnea (POSA). Using gentle vibrations, it stimulates patients not to sleep in the supine position, without creating additional disturbances. Created with patient comfort as a priority, Lunoa SPT is a palm-sized device that quickly and easily integrates into your patient’s sleep routine. SPT® technology lets patients gradually acclimatize to the therapy, giving them time to adjust.

A fall asleep feature allows patients to fall asleep in any position before the therapy activates. Lunoa SPT also adapts to each individual’s sleep behaviour, varying the intensity and patterns of vibrations accordingly.

Lunoa SPT constantly monitors and records patient response to sleep therapy, automatically uploading the data to a secure portal. Patients can view their data via the online portal to easily follow their progress as well as provide access to data to their physician.

Lunoa SPT delivers
better patient outcomes

Higher patient adherence

see published data supporting adherence

Proven effectiveness

see published data supporting efficacy

Trackable results

complete transparency for better patient outcomes

Clinical Evidence


are adherent at 12 months.


De Ruiter 2017*

*Adherence defined: Patients achieve =>4 hours per night on =>5 nights per week.


over 73% of adults using the NightBalance Lunoa therapy reported a long-term improvement in the three most reported POSA symptoms.

Dutch Apnea Society (Apneuvereniging) survey with 75 NightBalance users for an average of 2.2 years.


of adults using the NightBalance Lunoa therapy reported experiencing fewer episodes of suddenly waking up during the night.

Dutch Apnea Society (Apneuvereniging) survey with 75 NightBalance users for an average of 2.2 years.

Who is suitable?

  • Adults with mild to moderate OSA (AHI 5 to 30)
  • AHI supine ≥ 2x AHI non-supine
  • AHI non-supine ≤ 10
  • Patient must be able to sleep in non-supine position
  • Patient sleeps in supine position 10-90% of the night


“I have tried every treatment type you can think of – surgery, mandibular advancement devices, tennis balls… everything. Regardless of what I tried I was still tired. Two years ago, I learned about the NightBalance SPT and decided to give it a try. Month by month and bit by bit I gradually felt less tired. Two years later I feel like me again! I could hug the NightBalance team.”

Aart Marchal
The Netherlands

“My sleep was often disturbed, and I felt tired during the day. My specialist advised me to try SPT. I found it very easy to use and integrated SPT in my sleeping routine right away. Of course I needed to pay for it, but I was also aware of the risks associated with sleep apnea and therefore the decision to purchase SPT was made easily. I would recommend SPT without hesitation.”

Michel Rocton

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